Debbie Worthington

Debbie Worthington

Training and Specialty

Graduated in communications – advertising and publicity FAAP, with specialization courses in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Mathematics and Financial Planning from FIA USP and FGV. She worked for 40 years in large and medium national and multinational corporations. Development of volunteer work for 37 years in various institutions.

Jungian Specialist, postgraduate in Jungian Psychotherapy at IJEP, (training in psychosomatics). Specialist in Jungian and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts, Alchemy of Symbols, Anima, Animus. Red Book, Black Books, Personality Development, Clinical Psychiatry, Contemporary Diagnosis and Therapy, and Symbolic Psychopathology, Maternal Complex, Mythology, among others. Member of the Anthroposophical Society where she took and applied courses and workshops. Representative of the Center of Jungian Studies in Brazil, with which she collaborates with translations, course structuring and their applications.

An astrologer for 30 years

An astrologer for 30 years, she began her studies in 1990 with Lindbergh Barbosa Pessoa. She was a member of Rosecruxian, where she also studied astrology. Studied various branches of the Anthroposophical line. In astrology he specialized, among others, in Draconian, Medical, Anthroposophical, Psychological, Evolutionary. Since then, she has been improving her knowledge in courses, workshops and seminars in Brazil and abroad. Former President of C.N. A – The National Astrology Center Management 2018 – 2021, member of Sinarj and the Astrological Association – UK.
Debbie Worthington
Debbie Worthington

Services and Published Books

Among her services, today Astrogenesis incorporates two knowledges – Astrology and Jungian Psychotherapy. She also works as a psychotherapist.

Published book: Jung in Contemporary: Astrology in support of the therapeutic process – 2018.

Co-author of the book: The epistemological place of Astrology among knowledge.

Since 1996 she has been teaching Astrology and from 2013 onwards she started a face-to-face online course, filling what until then was an important gap in the market. From March 2018, she assumed the presidency of the CNA – National Center for Astrology for the period 2018-2021.

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