Debbie Worthington

As we evolve, our map accompanies us and at each period new opportunities and challenges are presented to us, in order to fully enable our evolution and happiness. Life takes place in cycles of evolution and they are not a straight line. It’s a spiral that continues to revisit us for issues we think we’ve understood and allows us to cyclically access certain topics so that we have a chance to understand deeper truths.

The progression in this direction is a GPS that suggests alternative paths, so that we can make more conscious choices and have our lives in our own hands.

The progression aims much more at the evolution of your inner life, since as Dane Rudhyar advocated, Character is destiny. The progression, similar to the weather forecast, indicates trends and cycles. The future is fluid and subject to things and events beyond our control, to changes of choice and to our own volition. Reading is meant to help you define your own direction.

Two-hour sessions, via zoom, recorded. Up to two one-off 30-minute appointments included.