Astrogenesis – The Reading of Life

Debbie Worthington

Even before your birth, you, as a soul-personality, determine what your evolutionary cycle will be, and for that, what experiences are necessary.

It defines place, environment, family, personal characteristics, timing of the evolution of the life process and the tools that will be necessary for the experiences to enable discoveries and moments of transformation that are synchronous with their personal calling. Even before birth, we already have a psycho-emotional baggage that will be impregnated with the first independent breath, at birth, and which enables the expression of certain behaviors. But nature disposes them. Do not impose them. Therefore, we are able to work on these aspects and make the best of us possible in ourselves. Debbie Worthington has been an astrologer for twenty years, Jungian therapist, hypnotherapist and uses the work of Astrogenesis in order to illuminate as much as possible the client’s chart, so that he can draw from his own wisdom and inner intuitions, his answers in any situation.

The biographical model adopted assumes that planets and houses are synchronic with certain periods of human life and contribute to a particular manifestation in each individual. And these primordial manifestations collaborate in the development process, creating opportunities and/or blocks. The goal is to read from your perspective of the world, realize what is part of your essence and how the positive and negative cycles alternate providing opportunities for you to take your life in your own hands, emancipated as a personality soul. In this spirit, the purpose is to be there to illuminate the situation as much as possible, to point out the possible ramifications or decisions to be found on the road to life. We then study the journey of life. Astrology is a symbolic language, and symbols, as Jung said, are instruments for transforming psychic energy. The soul speaks through metaphors, symbols and archetypes.

They are 60-minute sessions and the number of them depends on the issues that are raised during them. Astrological consultation is often suspended to deal with deep issues related to traumas, fears, self-imposed limitations. The instruments to work on these issues are Jungian psychotherapeutic care and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. The number of sessions indicates the level of depth, spaced according to the client’s financial availability. Each session, via zoom, is one hour. Sent in audio. Possibilities of 4,8,12 sessions.