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Astro Psychology

The ASTROPSYCHOLOGY course consists of 2.5 years, divided into a first year of classes that teach the main themes of JUNGUIAN PSYCHOLOGY. The

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Astrology Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals of Astrology Course teaches in 3 modules, the basic initial building blocks for building astrological knowledge. A solid foundation that aims to give you security and depth, from the first lessons.


Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains all that are open. Just click on the course of interest and it will take you to more details about it.

Varied, depends on the course. Click on the desired course to access more details.

One year after signing the course. 90 days, webinars and short courses of up to 6 lessons.

You have one week from the acquisition, to give up and request the return of the invested amount, without any questions

please write to [email protected] , putting in the subject, about what you want to report.

The added benefits vary by course, but generally offer:

  • Deep content, easy to understand and organic in its evolution. Always updated based on the students’ own feed back. Support material such as handouts and e-books;
  • Practical classes, with examples, exercises and tutoring that, depending on the course, is online simultaneously (when online classes, in person) or in scheduled tutoring meetings (when pre-recorded or self-administered classes);
  • Library with lessons recorded both in audio and video. When there are audios, they can be downloaded;
  • Content/lessons accessible across all platforms: desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Some courses offer online face-to-face meetings for clarification and questions. The calendar is informed;
  • Class attendance certificate;
  • Qualification certification, in some cases. This qualification/certification requires a specific exam, explained in the evaluation criteria for each course.