The ASTRO PSYCHOLOGY course consists of 3 Modules, divided into:

  • Module 1 – JUNGUIAN PSYCHOLOGY – All the necessary lexicon for basic knowledge;
  • Module 2 INTRODUCTION TO ASTROPSYCHOLOGY – Basic and intermediate Astrology, in Psychological language;
  • Module 3 ADVANCED in Psychological Astrology, where students will participate in addition to classes, in webinars on a variety of topics exploring different paths of psychological astrology, counselling skills and other techniques to help them provide better astrological consultations.

It should be noted that no formal training as a counselor or therapist is provided by the course. Optional additional modules may be offered to deepen the themes.

How is the Course delivered?

  • Module 1 is composed of pre-produced material, with audio support and recommended reading.
  • Module 2 consists of pre-recorded micro lessons, with a summary and exercises
  • Module 3 is live, where you will have the opportunity to interact with the teacher, tutors and colleagues in real time.

Each semester will have monthly supervision groups, which students must attend and where each student has the opportunity to present case material from the charts they are working on. In the second year, an oral evaluation will be carried out for each student. Recordings of each lesson will be available to watch online later.

See the Terms and Conditions here.

Certified and University Degree

Upon completing the required number of classes, webinars, supervision groups and an oral assessment, the student is entitled to receive the Certificate of Completion in Jungian-based Psychological Astrology.

To obtain the Diploma in Astro Psychology and the right to use the letters Dipl. APJ, the student must be trained for at least 6 months and take an oral exam of one and a half hours to at least two designated tutors, demonstrating their skills with a client over a series of sessions. An extra fee is charged for the Diploma exam.

The Astropsychology Diploma does not constitute formal counselling or psychotherapeutic training, therefore students who wish to work as counsellors or continuing therapists are encouraged to complete an additional training course focusing on these skills.

Certificate of completion in Astropsychology – based on Law 9394-96 of Presidential Decree No. 5.154, of July 23, 2004, Art. 1st and 3rd and the rules of the Ministry of Education by CNE Resolution No. 04/99, Art. 11, referring to continuing education.


The total cost of the course covers the cost of classes, webinars, supervision groups and assessments.
oral. If students wish to attend additional webinars, they are entitled to
a reduced webinar fee.

Admission Requirements

The guidelines for admission to the course are:

  • A solid basic knowledge of the meaning of signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits and progressions. We recommend MODULE 2 Introduction to Astropsychology, which will provide the student with the necessary knowledge. We can also consider those who have taken a course at a similar level (Psychological Astrology at other schools) or who consider that they have the necessary formal or informal knowledge. You can send us an email to schedule an evaluation.
  • Have the ability and willingness to work on their own individual development.
  • Proper educational background and communication skills in students, as will a degree of empathy, integrity and a sense of responsibility.

WeI would recommend that all students engage in a recognized form of in-depth psychotherapy with a therapist, analyst, or counsellor of their choice. We also recommend taking a counselling skills course or therapeutic training. This is because we believe that no responsible counsellor can expect to deal sensitively and wisely with the psyche of people with no experience of their own.


Frequently Asked Questions

For the Basic Course, it is assumed that you have a general interest in psychological astrology and have perhaps read a book or two, but you do not need a thorough understanding of the

You will have available for download some workbooks, graphic data and/or copies of the slides used in the course. You are expected to take your own notes. We also provide
a list of suggested readings for each term with books you might like to read for further study.

There are some assignments for the Core Course that allow you to practice your skills; each should only take an hour or so to complete.

The first two modules are in pre-recorded classes, so you walk at your own pace, answering the quizzes. There will be live supervisions, in which the student must have a minimum of 75% attendance in person, in order to obtain the diploma.. If he does not meet the requirement, he will retain the credits for the classes, and the student must fulfill the load of supervision required as face-to-face, only then will the certificate be released.

The third module is live and requires a minimum participation of 75% attendance. If you are from another country, with another Time zone, the case will be evaluated individually, to suit the student’s needs.

Recordings of each lesson are available to watch online 24/48 hours after the lesson ends. They are available 24 hours a day to watch online. However, you cannot download the lessons; they must be watched on the website. All lessons in the course will be available to you while you are a student of the course and for at least one month after the course ends.

Yes, there is a question chat box available in every class and the tutor will answer these questions live. If you miss a class or have additional questions about the course, you can email the tutor at any time.

No, basic computer skills are all that’s needed, if you can log into a website, orient yourself on the web, etc., you should be fine. Upon registration, you will receive details on how to access the course.

No, a standard computer with headphones or speakers and a good broadband connection is all you need. Details of requirements for your PC or Mac are here. In the intermediate course, you may find that a headset is useful for supervisory groups if you are presenting a graph.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion once you successfully complete the course (three terms/ modules) and pass the assessment test.

In theory yes, however you must meet all 3 periods to receive the certificate of completion.

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