Astrology Chart

The birth chart is a picture of the sky at the moment of your first breath. You chose when still personality – soul what would be your path of evolution.

Astral Chart Express

The astral chart, in one-hour sessions, reduced, with chart overview

Astrogenesis - The Reading Of Life

Even before your birth, you, as a soul-personality, determine what your evolutionary cycle will be, and for that, what experiences are necessary.


Astrology is a symbolic language, and symbols, as Jung said, are instruments for transforming psychic energy.


As we evolve, our chart accompanies us and at each period new opportunities and challenges are presented to us, in order to fully enable our evolution and happiness.

Synastry – Evolution through My Relationship

The main objective of the Synastry is to help the couple navigate through calm and turbulent waters, identify the points of convergence and divergence in the relationship and provide the opportunity for the evolution of the couple and each individual within their evolutionary process.


The child, like the adult being, has tremendous potential in its wake; and the realization of the same depends on how the parents are attentive and stimulate the best version of this new being to emerge.


We were all children once and what did we leave behind? And what do we carry until today? How much of childhood experiences impact my current life positively or negatively?


We will identify the custom fertility cycles, with the support of the client, and we will thus be able to determine the periods where there is a greater chance of getting pregnant. Over the years I have helped clients increase their chances of becoming pregnant, either naturally or using artificial insemination.


From the job description, qualities, characteristics and desired attitudes of the executive to be hired, it is possible, in possession of his birth data, to trace his characteristics, temperament, qualities, potentials and suitability


There is an existential need in every human being to do something meaningful. We live subject to a series of complex processes that can be triggered by internal and external duties. Let’s then examine personal strengths, talents, and limitations, along with attitude toward success.

Astrocartography - Where to Work? Where to live? Where Do I Spend My Birthday?

Jim Lewis was the one who created astro cartography, which aims to indicate favorable places to spend your birthday, live or study. Our Chart remains valid until the end of his life. Therefore, there is no way to “escape” our chart.


The personalized table helps plan haircuts for those periods when nature can contribute to making them stronger, shinier and healthier.

Supply of a table with recommended cut-off dates.